General Care for all Treatments

To ensure your best possible results with your treatments and to avoid disappointment please make sure to read the following information before your visit. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

With some of our treatments it is important to note things that must be avoided to ensure your safety. These are a general guideline and are not always a complete contraindication some specific treatments will have specific pre treatment information. Booking in a free consultation before your treatment is the best thing to do if you are unsure.

Things to avoid/consider

Following your treatment at KAIZ your therapist will give you after care instructions to follow. By following these you will ensure that your treatment will be the most effective.

General post treatment care is the following but not limited to:

Avoiding sun, heat, sweating, swimming, spas, steam and saunas for 24 hours 

Waxing, threading laser or IPL for the next week 

Using only gentle products immediately after treatment 

Applying broad spectrum SPF 50

Avoiding high alcohol consumption for 24 hours  

It is not uncommon post treatment to experience mild discomfort. Generally most clients have little to no lasting after effects.

Swelling, bruising, redness, minor flaking and some sensitivity are all normal post treatment and will subside quickly. If you are unsure or have any concerns or questions we encourage you to contact us. 

Fat Dissolving Treatment

Mild to moderate redness, discomfort pain, bruising and swelling is normal and may last for a few weeks.

No exercise for the first 24 hours after treatment

Don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours after treatment

Avoid any blood-thinning medicines or herbal supplements 48 hours before treatment.

Medical Grade Peel Treatments

Preparation for a peel will vary from treatment to treatment and you will be advised by your therapist on what you will need to do. 

We always recommend being on a minimum of SPF 50 and some form of cosmeceutical grade skincare.

Expected results will also vary from mild redness and no peeling to obvious redness and peeling. Check with your Cosmetic Skin therapist as to what to expect with your peel.

Skin Needling Treatment

At the time of treatment and immediately after you can expect to have mild to moderate redness and mild discomfort. Potentially small amounts of  bruising and swelling is normal and will resolve within seven to ten days. LED can help to speed up healing so it is recommended for all our advanced treatments. 

LED Treatment

No sunburn prior on area to be treated.