A natural solution for every skin concern

Ilcsi offers eco-friendly & natural skincare products and treatments. Whether it's acne, wrinkles or dry skin, there's a natural way to treat it. Their products contain high concentrations of active ingredients, derived from wild plants grown on a 20-acre organic plantation certified by Öko-Garancia.

After more than 60 years of experience, hundreds of cosmeticians, and thousands of satisfied customers, Ilcsi has grown into a world-renowned cosmetic brand.

With a mission to nourish everyone's physical and spiritual well-being, Ilsci consciously uses nature as an opportunity to create a healthier, and better world for you.

ILSCI Philosophy

With the power of nature for healthy and beautiful skin.

  • The philosophy of Ilcsi is simple and natural. They truly believe that there is a solution for every skin concern in nature. This is why Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs professional and certified natural cosmetics are made of fresh herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables.

    Ilcsi offers their products to those who prefer natural skin solutions without any side effects. We do not conduct animal tests. It had been banned in the European Union since 2004, but we never followed a path: instead, we created it ourselves. We have been careful protectors of the flora and fauna since the first cream created by Aunt Ilcsi more than 60 years ago.

  • Ilcsi has the professional knowledge to produce safe and effective natural cosmetic products. They also train professionals following the highest standards to treat multiple skin concerns the best way possible.

    Ilcsi products are made of certified-organic plants, using the power of their living active ingredients rather than extracts. They use more than 100 different kinds of plants, mostly grown on their plantation, and other Hungarian organic plantations or wild harvested herbs. They do not conduct animal testing or use any animal-derived ingredients for their products.

Meet Aunt Ilcsi

The essence of the brand is the legend of Aunt Ilcsi, who was an extremely dedicated cosmetician well ahead of her time. She persistently looked for natural solutions for all skin related problems and found a way to use the live active ingredients in the most effective way in her products. She was a forwardlooking professional, committed to nature, quality, and holistic approaches.


    Ilcsi is committed to the protection of natural treasures, and supports the nature conservation activities of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society.

    They feel responsible for the next generation as well, and does their best to decrease ecological footprint and prioritizes the use of local resources.


    Ilcsi has over 60 years of experience creating natural cosmetics developed and designed specifically for skin problems, providing a natural solution for all skin related concerns.

    Through many years of research, they discovered how the nutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids in fruits and vegetables benefit our skin.


    Everyone has different skin concerns and need different treatments. Ilcsi has over 160 products that can be customized into a treatment best suited to your skin goals.


    The active ingredients in Ilcsi products can be futher enhanced with the help of technology. We use electro-cosmetic devices that can improve treatment speed and efficacy.


    In 2015, Ferenc Molnár, the owner and director of Ilcsi was honored by receiving the fourth Hungarian Product Award of the company for the newly introduced Helianthus product line within a prestigious ceremony in the Hungarian Parliament


    Thanks to the gentle production process developed by Aunt Ilcsi, the precious active ingredients of these plants remain in the jars. This outstandingly high concentration of active ingredients is what makes these cosmetics special, as they contain the power of living active ingredients rather than herbal extracts.


    Only those high quality, safe to use products are given this certificate which had been manufactured according to the strictest organic and natural standards.


    BDIH, a German based association working together with leading natural cosmetics producers, developed comprehensive guidelines for certified natural cosmetics. BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics logo therefore always indicates that the certain product complies with the strict guidelines of BDIH and guarantees that it is a natural, reliable cosmetic product.


    Ilcsi products do not contain parabene, paraffin oil, vaseline, synthetic colorings, synthetic thickening agents and no glycerin of animal origin and we do not carry out animal testing.