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Carotene Extra Booster

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The glycoproteins derived from red ginseng stimulate the renewal of keratinocytes, hence smoothing the skin. Hydrolized glycosaminglycan is a botanical mucopolysaccharide derived through biotechnological methods, the pre-agent of hyaluronic acid, and it stimulates its production. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the water retention of the connective tissue facilitating deep hydration. The active ingredients promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin and play an active role in eliminating free radicals responsible for early ageing. The copper ions of copper glycinate contribute to the activity of SOD enzyme, which is one of the most effective enzymes against free radicals. Sodium PCA is the natural moisturizing factor of the skin, with an outstanding water retaining and hydrating capacity, properties responsible for water retention. Carrot, melon, and rowan fills up the skin with vitamins and minerals, boosting its resilience.


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