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SkinMTX RadicalWhite Clarity

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Witness transformational benefits from this RadicalWhite Clarity Professional 5-step lightening system that helps to restore radiance and clarity to lifeless looking skin. Engineered around Fullerene, a Nobel Prize awarded discovery, this sophisticated active provides skin with 125 times more coverage against free radicals in comparison to Vitamin C, bringing out a clear luminosity and brightness.

A complex of lightening actives further boosts the formula to lighten stubborn pigmentation and discoloration by targeting melanin production in a 3-fold manner. Fresh-looking skin emerges with newly gained clarity and an appearance of restored youth.


  • Aids to lighten skin discolorations, sun damage and pigmentation
  • Targets and helps control the formation of melanin with an advanced defense system
  • Brightens and lightens overall skin tone for an even complexion

    The 5-step Lightening System

    Step 1 – Our licensed therapist will apply a resurfacing peel on your face which targets stubborn pigmentation and discoloration

    Step 2 – Meta C-Complex will be massaged into your face that will brighten your skin complexion

    Step 3 – Hydro-Max Gel Essence will be massaged into your face to further improve skin luminosity

    Step 4 – An Intense Fusion Mask will be applied on your face to rejuvenate and even out skin tone

    Step 5 – A Booster White Mask will be applied on your face to intensify depigmentation and nourish your skin


    Not for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not for people who have a skin infection; or have recently had a peel, IPL/laser treatment or UV exposure

    Who is this for?

    People with skin discoloration, sun-damaged skin and tired or dull-looking skin.

    When can I see results?

    You'll notice significant improvement within 1 week after the treatment.

    How often should I get the treatment?

    The average client will need 6 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart. In some cases more sessions will be needed.

    How long will the treatment take?

    Around 1 hour long.

    Is it painful?

    No, but you may experience warmth or a tingling and stinging sensation during the treatment.

    Any downtime?


    Aftercare or restrictions?

    • Avoid sun exposure up to 7 days
    • Use a SPF moisturizer regularly

    During the first week after each treatment, avoid exposure to sunlight and direct heat sources. The continuous use of a high protection sunscreen is essential, since both natural and artificial light can stimulate melanin synthesis and cause skin discoloration.